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Wednesday, October 03, 2007


Tomorrow (and I am telling you all this so that I cannot chicken out) I am going to pack up two of my pieces and ship them off to Somerset Studio magazine. I've wanted to send something for ever so long, but truly am terrified of rejection.

Any suggestions on which ones to send will be deeply appreciated.

And a P.S.: How many of you have trouble reading the black text on the red background? I don't have trouble reading it, but that's just me. I already KNOW what I wrote. ???


Elizabeth said...

Colours - black on red background not a problem for me.

DOTEDTSY - a very big WELL DONE, you have succeded already because you took/are going to take a risk. Job done. Then keep doing such things till they are no longer scary (yes that IS possible .. I've been there!) As for choosing the ones to submit, I'm not sure 'cos I like them all... what does your instinct tell you? (Can you post you choice and then we all vote on them maybe??)

Olivia said...

YEAH, good for you, Karen!

The black on red works for my eyes just fine.

I kept getting confused with the DOTTSYED as well, and then saw that on the graphic that many were calling it "BE BRAVE" now, so I switched over to that since it was easier :)

I like ALL of your ladies' faces SO much. I especially like "Juggle". But your collages are fantastic too. I have never seen anything like your ladies' faces before, though, so I'd vote for them. I don't think that you can go wrong with anything you submit though!!

You are taking BIG steps, aren't you? What a journey we are on, this one, yes?

Love and blessing, O

Julie said...

Good luck, Karen! You'll do great...and if they don't publish, it's their loss! :)

Anonymous said...

I love 'Land of Lost Luggage' and 'Muira' from your recent things. Good luck!

And I have no trouble reading your text with the background. Looks good.

Maybelline Jones said...

Karen, even if you get a rejection letter, you still tried. I have every rejection letter I have ever recieved as far as my writing is concerned. I hang them on the bulletin board over my computer for motivation.

Leah said...

i just read this post on christine kane's blog and thought of you. i too have issues with rejection and i thought this was really helpful! :

oh, and i can read the words just fine!


Elizabeth said...

How's it going...? did you do the scary thing....?

Anonymous said...

All of your work is wonderful, but my favorites are:

Going Home
There Lived a Little Girl

Digital collage:
Ma chere Marthe"
series of ladies, posted in May

art quilts:
The award-winning Self Portrait
"little blue house on the hill ... filled with my heart's desires"