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Wednesday, October 03, 2007

The Big Draw Day 3

Oh my, what a day yesterday was. I went tile shopping with my friend Dianne who is remodeling her kitchen (who knew there were so many different kinds of tiles?), found out I'd lost my debit card when we went to lunch, got a headache on the way home, walked in the door to a phone call from a neighbor saying my two wooly goats were stuck in some old barbed wire and that other neighbors (bless them) were out working to free them, got all goaty and sweaty working in the pasture (though I didn't get peed on by goat boy, like the neighbor did), went to pick up my girls, went to board meeting that was okay until the closed session and then turned ugly--Whew! Big breath! You'd think I'm channeling Faulkner here, or something, with all these LONG sentences.

Here's my big draw from this morning. I did it from this picture of Beaumont Tower on the campus of Michigan State. I'm really starting to 'get' this idea of negative space, I think. More epiphanies? Maybe. Yesterday I drew faces in my notebook--I only like about one in every five faces--is that normal?

I'm off to paint for a while. It'll be interesting to see what comes out of my brush this morning--maybe big black and grey swirly clouds all over the canvas? Hmm.

[Ed. Note: I see again that my writing skills are sorely lacking. I went to the board meeting, but it was the meeting that became ugly, not I. At least I don't think I became ugly. Although I did get all red and drippy. But you get my point.]


Casdok said...

Looks lovely

Kikipotamus said...

LOVE the drawing!!! Negative space, indeed.

Elizabeth said...

Fab drawing again ... love the lines and rythmn and neg space and everything:-)

I had the mother of all days yesterday too (and grandmothers, and daughters) cos i was dealing with family stuff (invloving 3 generations... ARRGGHHHH!) So you have my FULL sympathy. Hope you are OK; hope the goats are ok? Hope the school board take a hike! ;-)

I'd say 1 in 5 faces is a good average. You my find that if you leave them, and come back to the faces you don't like several days/weeks/months later, you sometimes find new merit in those previously discounted. Not always but sometimes. Oh how I wish I hadn't destroyed so much work that I didn't like... when i see the photos now i realise that actually they were often very good (husband did try to tell me but I didn't listen) :-0