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Monday, September 10, 2007

Going Home

In the darkness up ahead, she could see it: home. She was almost there.


Elizabeth said...

Nice colours, and very slightly surreal... I think its the big head with the small house.
Your work is taking an interesting direction, I like it!

Are you still fired up from your month of creativity? My creative enthusiasm is spilling over into the garden now - I have gutted it and am completely redesigning the back courtyard!

Olivia said...

Karen, I DO love your faces, and am intrigued to see how one leads to another to another and another. I sort of feel like I got to be a part of your process too, because you shared it here, and I'm learning a lot...thanks!

Angela said...

Wow, what a gorgeous redhead. Beautiful work.

Janet said...

I'm enjoying all these latest paintings and love the direction you're going. The faces are so simple yet so expressive.

Carla said...

Oh Karen I LOVE her! Love how she's connected to home. Love as always your colors!