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Thursday, August 16, 2007

Printer Experiments

I tried overprinting with my inkjet printer today. I opened one of my digital pieces, then printed it out on a piece of watercolor paper that had been collaged with music and phone book pages. Before I printed, I coated that with clear gesso. Of course, I'm always impatient, so I only let the gesso dry for fifteen minutes. I imagine I'd have had a more vibrant print if I'd let it dry overnight.

The paper was pretty thick, so I set the printer on "envelope" and moved the lever which lets thicker papers through.

I think I should have put a translucent coat of titan buff or zinc white down, to let the image pop a little bit more.

I want to keep experimenting with over- and underprinting.


leah said...

this is great! i've wanted to try some over printing, but i'm worried i'll break my printer!

ottoblotto said...

most excellent work!

Melba said...

What a cool piece!
Hooray for you for experimenting!
I always want to and it feels so good when I do!

Mercer's Daughter said...

This is so unusual and lovely. I, too, would worry I'd clog up my printer.
But, what the heck!

Elizabeth said...

This is lovely, as is the last piece - quirky and beautiful. Well Done for sticking to 'The Oath' ;-)

I bet the anxiety is because of the goat, and maybe a bit of residual worry about Katie and the virus? Deep breaths,and no caffeine,for you eh?
BIGGest of hugs, Lizzi

seejanemom said...

Could you GET any more creative???

Coming here is better than ANY brick and mortar gallery that I have visited on three continents.



mcewen said...

Can't comment upon the techniques, but the result is outstanding.

Bonnie / Graybonnie said...

Very cool...thanks for posting!