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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Creativity, Shopping & Panic--All in One Day!

Spent time this morning in the studio working on honing my photoshop skills. Last night I took my three and two others for burgers and Harry Potter--everyone spent the night, so after our guests went home today, it was time to go to town to get school supplies.

I will tell you that I used to love buying school supplies when I was little. We never got much, but oh! a full pack of college ruled paper was so exciting! I wish my kids still thought little things were exciting... Unfortunately, the two biggest are at the point where they need a certain kind of binder, and such and such color ink pens, and three separate spiral notebooks and so on and so forth...

Truth is, I haven't been feeling up to par the last few days--the panicky feeling that I used to have seems to have reared its ugly head, almost as though I haven't been taking my medication, even though I haven't missed a single pill.

And tonight, Joel said, "Do you think it's because of what happened to the goat last week? Do you think maybe you're upset about that?" And I think maybe that IS it, and how perceptive and sensitive is that boy??? (Of course, he also said, "I think you better go see a doctor, because it's not normal to act the way you have been lately," but I just won't mention that...)

Here's my actual physical piece I created tonight. Postcard-sized pieces do help me get out of ruts! It took me so long to find the right image for the words I'd cut out of scraps--but I think it all fits together delightfully! I got an old phrenology book, recently, and I'll share some of the text with you some day--it's horrifying and amusing, all at the same time.


leah said...

great piece, karen!

you know, i think anyone who experienced what you did with the goat last week would be having a hard time. it really upset me for days (the fiansor even mentioned how much it seemed to effect me) and i just read about it!

i love doing postcard sized things to break out of a rut or just warm up.

seejanemom said...

WHAT IS IT about fresh school supplies?

The exhilarating potential of an unopened box of crayons is just LOST on children today.

I like to think I have raised mine better, but short of living in a vacuum, its impossible.