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Thursday, April 05, 2007

Stooge Number One Says Hooray!

finally got the internet hooked back up in the studio, so it's easier to get online while I'm working.

When hubby mowed backyard last week I had to disconnect the L-O-N-G extension ethernet cable that I had running from the house to the studio (yes, I really have had an ethernet cable coming from under my house, across the back porch sidewalk, through the grass, down the hill, to the studio, and to grandmother's house we go. I am not joking when I mention stooges.)

Of course, once I was disconnected and thoroughly itchy from wading through the stinging nettles, I couldn't reconnect until mowing was done. And of course, then the mower ran out of gas. THEN I thought, 'well, since it's all disconnected, I'll run a PVC pipe under the sidewalk and then bury the cable like I originally intended. After all, how hard can it be?' (You should be hearing ominous music playing in the background at this point.)

I've seen them put PVC pipe under sidewalks on those home improvement shows: "And we'll just blast the hose under there to make room for the pipe; yes, now we'll slide the pipe through, and Bob's your uncle, we're all done!" I am here to tell you that IT IS NOT THAT EASY. They don't show all the mud spattering wildly back at the person holding the hose (that would be stooge #1, since stooge #2 is laying on the couch inside watching sportscenter at this point), or the immense surge of backed up water engulfing stooge #1 (see above), or the PVC pipe getting STUCK, or stooge #1 trying to figure out how to unplug the pipe once it's through but full of grit and stones... The list goes on and on. Bob Vila I am not.


I'm back online and can happily paint and blog in my studio! so the story has a happy ending.


Elizabeth said...

I totally admire your dedication and perserverance. Well done on getting it done :-) Loud cheering from 'across the pond'.

Any helpful hints on how I make a piece of my artwork into a banner on blogger.....? I like what you have done with your blog page.
Thanks, E

Rosie said...

That stuff is a lot harder than it looks. When they do it, they know it's just sand under there and they are going to blast right through it. Glad you got it done though!

tammy vitale said...

Oh you are so brave. And must be persistent too otherwise you would not yet be hooked up. Good for you. A true inspiration.

Zuska said...

I just saw your 'win a vacuum for Zuska" link - thanks for that :)

Kelly said...

That Bob Vila! You mean he EDITED the process? I feel quite betrayed. Hey, you TRIED! That is awesome. Trying things, taking risks, being willing to fail are all things we have forgotten how to do. I'm proud you haven't forgotten.