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Thursday, April 19, 2007

School Art Show

This year I'm the 'visiting artist' for two classes up at the school. The eighth graders are doing collages--first on kraft cardstock and then (next week) they're each going to do a collage on canvas. I was trying to figure out how to mount the cardstock collages and I think that I'm going to use this method. I mounted these 4x6 collages onto black cardstock--it's simple, not too expensive, and I think it sets off the artwork.


Kelly said...

Ah, that works well.

tammy vitale said...

wow - Visiting Artist. =] How lucky are those kids to have you for a teacher!

This looks great. I am sure the finished product will create many artists in waiting (just like Katie the Queen, whose work is amazing!)

Rosie said...

I love the black cardstock...but I really love negative space. I love using dark papers with a bit of tooth for pastel and stuff. This will show their art off well.