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Friday, April 20, 2007

Illustration Friday: Polar

These seem to get tougher every week! Took awhile for me to get polar bears out of my head and think of polar graphs and coordinates.


Nancy Bea said...

What a great response to the IF challenge. Is that Robert Peary's head in the middle? Very creative.

It was very nice to know that someone else had a tough time with this week's IF challenge. We are suddenly having perfect spring weather here, and it is hard to get in a "polar" frame of mind, for me too. And I don't much like polar bears.

Mauricio said...

Hi Karen,

Nice to meet your job.

awesome, Cheers from Brazil

md said...

nice change up froom the rest of the post this week. like ur idea as well as it being different

MAHIMA said...

great take on the topic!