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Monday, March 12, 2007

Postcard Collages

I'm making a note here--when I'm feeling as though I'm struggling, there's nothing better for me to do than to sit down with paper and scissors and glue and stamps and ink. I especially have fun when I limit myself to images I can reach without leaving my chair--it limits me, and that makes me creative. It's like the time I was stuck in the airport for 4 1/2 hours with nothing but my journal, a gluestick, and some Starbucks brochures--I had a great time.

Here's what I did today, in between running to town (20 minute drive) to get Katie a science board, and feeding the baby goat--and don't forget taking care of big kid, who has the fever/headache that Jenny had over the weekend--Oh, and BIRTHDAY SHOPPING for Katie--she turns twelve on Thursday!


Rosie said...

I love those. I keep meaning to send in some to Post Secrets but I never get around to it.

Another bottle baby tip. Keep some antacids with simethicone around for emergencies. If the baby starts to bloat, the simethicone will disperse the gas and save the kid's life.

You know, you should consider getting an Angora goat. With your interest in collage and fiber...I bet you would enjoy having your own fiber source to play with. I'm thinking about getting one to do some handmade felts.

Leah said...

these are great! and i know what you mean about sitting down with paper and stamps. it's good for the soul.

Olivia said...

Wow, you really exemplify what Julia Cameron talks about as creating art with the time that we have, like we would do folding a few towels, or doing a load of laundry. I have yet to get to this point, but I want to. It seems like your art takes you to where you want to go, rather than your having to be in a certain place allows you to create the art. Hope that makes sense :)

Karen said...

Rosie: I have TWO angora goats! An un-neutered male and a wonderful friendly floppy eared doe. They're coming up on two years old. I think that Roseblossom is barren, which is fine. I'm thinking about finding another home for Bill Whickers...He reeks when he's in rut and he's getting a little bit of an attitude that scares the girls (twelve and seven years old). They were gifts from a family that was moving out of state and wanted to get rid of all their critters...

Leah: I think we all need to be in kindergarten one day a week--crayons, scissors, glue and paper. Cut and paste--the best therapy there is.

Olivia: I create art instead of folding towels or doing laundry! Shhhh--don't tell anyone. I think it really helps to set some limits like I did today--suddenly it's not about creating something perfect, just about creating. JC is right--you just have to show up. I forget that sometimes.

Caroline said...

What gorgeous, gorgeous collages!

And yes I've found constraints can be very useful too...

Laura said...

love your site and the atc's and postcards. So cool, and a goat yet too or it sounds like family.

Farm girl at heart here. No farm animals, just 3 birds, two dogs, cat, fish many fish in fact.

Well new to the FW group and on week 2, Needing to make a critic post card.

Chat soon
be well