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Saturday, March 10, 2007

Finding Water

I just read Leah's post on the Finding Water Blog, and it so echoes how I feel. I am struggling, just as Leah mentioned she is--I did at least part of my morning pages every day this last week, but never first thing in the morning--I didn't do an Artist's Date, and I didn't take a walk. This week just seemed to gobble me up--there was nothing of me left to share.

I was out of my Zoloft for three days, which I'm sure hasn't helped. I didn't sleep well while waiting for the baby goats to arrive--had an unpleasant meeting at school--my dad's other ear "went out", so now he can't hear at all--I miss talking to him every day on the phone and feel so cut off! Richard's leaving for an accreditation in Barstow tomorrow and will be gone most of the week--The momma goat appears to be rejecting the smaller of the two babies--luckily the neighbor has a goat with too much milk...of course my girls are thrilled at the idea of bottlefeeding a baby goat.

Anyhow, I'm feeling overwhelmed. This week I'm going to make a point of doing my morning pages in the morning before the kids get up--I won't miss any days of my medication, now that my prescription's refilled--and I will do an Artist's Date and a Walk.

One bright spot is that I've been practicing my piano and loving it so much! My next lesson is this Thursday morning, and I'm looking forward to it.


Leah said...

i found that being off zoloft even for a day can throw me so far off balance.

i'm so glad that you've been finding so much joy with the piano. you're doing great, karen. truly. (((hugs)))

Kelly said...

Three cheers for the piano! I'm glad baby goat has options. And thank goodness tomorrow is a new day. Always. K

Caroline said...

Sounds like a lot to be coping with.

I hope you find this week easier.

Olivia said...

I keep reciting the words "Kind" and "Gentle" hoping that they sink into my psyche and I'll echo them back to you. You sound like you're doing a great deal, and doing it well at that. Congratulations again on the piano.

I admire anyone who does FW with kids! Come to think of it, I admire anyone who has kids and still has a life of their own of any sort. Life has so many challenges---you sound to me like you're doing GREAT WORK!

Blessings on your day,


The Dream said...

Hello Karen-
Good deal on playing the piano every day! I am going to get beck into that mode myself ... that's for the inspiration! Between teenagers and a puppy, my Morning Pages have become After Everyone is Out of the House Pages. Hey, whatever works, right?! Love your work! Peace.

tinker said...

I had a hard time with this past week, too - and from the sounds of it, I didn't have nearly as much to cope with as you did. Love the baby goat pic!

GeL(Emerald eyes) said...

Great baby goat pic!
Real life rather choked me the past week so I can relate to what you said with Finding Water. (I also began it a week later than the most of the group.)
Hope this week goes more smoothly for you. I enjoy your artwork here very much. It's a wonderful treat!