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Tuesday, January 09, 2007

More Scarlet Fever

The littlest one and I both have scarlet fever, now. We started antibiotics yesterday, so should feel better soon. She already seems pretty perky; I have a wicked headache.

Was working on some transfers this weekend. I took some photos I'd taken of trees, tweaked them in Photoshop and then did gel medium transfers. This one looks pretty good; the others are still in progress. I'm going to work at learning more Photoshop stuff in these next few months--is anyone else interested in joining me?


Karoda said...

I was working on transfers yesterday without success...I was using acetone to transfer to pages in a book I'm altering. It was too grainy.

PS is one of my goals this year. I'll pull my tutorial book back out and start.

tammy vitale said...

you took this picture of the tree? Absolutely lovely - as is the whole piece. Gel medium huh. I just tried lazertran paper for decals. Failure. Would this medium work on ceramic?

Crafty Green Poet said...

Hope you both recover soon or have already recovered by you read this. This collage is so beautiful, both in composition and colour.