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Monday, January 29, 2007


Great racehorse Barbaro had to be put down today. I feel like I did so many years ago when Ruffian was put down. Ineffably sad.

Perhaps I should say that while I didn't personally know Barbaro, I felt as though I did after watching him stumble in the Kentucky Derby and then go on to win the race. He embodies everything that is beautiful and wonderful about horses--the heart and drive and will to run...

When he shattered his leg in the Preakness and kept on trying to race, it broke my heart. Yesterday it broke all over again.


Jessie said...

oh that makes me so sad! i have shivers looking at the beautiful photo. he looks like a real lover. i'm sorry to hear that you had to say good bye.

tammy vitale said...

I fell in love with a horse named TimTam (for obvious reasons) back in the 50s. He made it thru as winner of the KDerby and the Preakenss but came in 3rd in the Belmont, on a broken leg. He was a true champsion. This brings it all back. It is all so sad.