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Friday, May 20, 2016

A Commitment

A couple of people have asked me about my blog recently, and I'm making a commitment to myself and all my fans (haha) that I will get back to blogging and posting how-to's regularly.

One reason I quit was that the studio computer died. First, my Ethernet cable got cut accidentally. I'd run it under the house and then buried down the hill to the studio (we are all about the high-tech stuff here, doncha know!). Then, after I replaced the Ethernet cord (which included bribing Miss Jenny to climb under the house), the computer itself just stopped powering up. So I gave up and disconnected the computer and hauled it up to the garage to await disposal...

But, last month, I started thinking about it. What if the only thing that was broken was the electrical part? So I took the computer apart and looked up the power unit--found a replacement one on Amazon for $13--and voila! My computer is good as new!

Now I'd love to tell you that this was really hard and tricky and fraught with peril...but it wasn't. It was just a matter of taking my time and using deductive reasoning. I didn't disconnect the old power unit until I had the new one, and then I would disconnect a plug and reconnect a new one in the same place...

There's a lesson here--I always bemoan the fact that we live in such a disposable society, yet I was ready to give up on my old computer...

Lesson learned...


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