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Thursday, January 02, 2014

Experimenting with Simple Rings

I actually went down to the studio today for a little while! Felt sooo good. I just played with wire a little bit, did some soldering--Made this little ring, actually two of them, so that Jenny could have one and her friend Makenna, who is spending the night, could have one, too. 

I've got pages and pages of sketches for jewelry ideas, so maybe I can start making some of them. 

It just occurred to me that I need to remember that the jewelry is a side thing, not my main focus. But it is so fun!


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Maria Ontiveros said...

Beautiful. I just ordered a hammered pewter ring from Lisa Leonard with my One Little Word. Sometime simple really speaks volumes.

Lynn Cohen said...

Sweet. I bet the girls loved them!

Rita said...

How pretty!! I love very simple rings like this. I bet they loved them. :)