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Monday, November 19, 2012

New Paintings

While I was getting ready for the Apple Festival I was also working on a bunch of new paintings. A few I finished, but there were more that had to stay at home because they just weren't done. This is one of the unfinished ones--I finished it up yesterday, and I really like the vibrant colors!

I have two that are at the intermediate stage right now--a 2' by 3' painting on canvas, and a 2' by 4' painting on a wood panel. I really am enjoying working big, even though it's been an adjustment. What I think I like the best about these new pieces is the fingerpainting and random mark-making I do in the beginning stages. Totally all about PLAYING. And you know how I love that!

Have to take a ham to Jenny's class Thanksgiving party tomorrow. Joel's off this week, so he's going to do the Christmas lights on the outside of the house for me (I've decided I'm going to put them up early so I can enjoy them for a longer time.) Katie was gone last week for Regional Honor Choir in Stockton, so she's kinda worn out. Jenny's big thirteenth birthday party went well, although I will say it seemed awfully LOUD. But I hear that everyone had fun, which is the most important thing.

Off to make dinner!


Laurie said...

beautiful painting, I love your style, Its always an adjustment to try new things, I always painted big and I know must learn to paint smaller, I find it a challenge
Sounds like a busy house at your place!

Lynn Cohen said...

Your painting looks like an art quilt to me but then I have art quilting on the brain again. Very striking, very beautiful and glad you are having fun. Yes, I sort of remember that 13 yr olds can be loud. Guess it comes with the territory. Especially girls. Happy Birthday Jenny and mom.

Lisa Isabella Russo said...

Happy birthday to your daughter! I love the blues and purples in your piece, they are so striking.

Carolyn Dube said...

Such wonderful bold shapes and contrasts here! Yes, enjoy those lights longer!

Rita said...

I love the bold flying birds over the city--wow!
You've been very busy. Hope you show us the next pieces when they are done. Happy Friday! :)

Piarom said...

your city birds are gorgeous! Love this style the background shows through ...the colors are so bold and bright ♥

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