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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Today's Project

Our house is a tri-level (what did I tell you? Vintage 1970!). I love the layout, but it is a little quirky.

There are two bedrooms on the top floor, one bedroom in the downstairs (next to the family room), and there is one, smaller bedroom on the main floor. This room was originally a storage room/office/guest room. We added a closet about thirteen years ago, before Jenny made her appearance, along with insulating the walls and ceiling and venting it for heating/cooling.

Joel was back there, but when he left for college last fall, Katie didn't waste anytime moving in (my dad had the bedroom downstairs then, and the girls had been sharing a room).

She ripped up the carpeting, laid lamonate flooring, painted the walls and moved right in.

But--one of the room's two windows didn't close or open right, and let heat and cold in the room.

So--today's project was to replace the window. I still have to put the trim back around the outside of the window, but it's basically done. I put in a little window AC unit that I had from the studio, since the air for the bedrooms is still on the fritz.

I'm happy that she can sleep in there tonight, since school starts tomorrow.

So impressed with myself for taking out the old window and putting in the new one (with some help from Katie, of course :)


Lynn said...

You and Katie rock!!!! I'd not have a clue how to do any of that; and the fact that she did the floors herself. Well, Wow! I am impressed. You know how to raise kids I must say!

miz katie said...

Wow!! You girls are impressive. Window and floor?? Awesome!!!

Rita said...

Wow! Girl power!! That's awesome!! Congrats, ladies. :):)

Maron said...

Holy Hannah...replace a window? You are my hero! lol