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Monday, August 27, 2012

My Studio and Some Organization

 After watching all the organizing that Rita is doing to her art supplies, I thought I'd share some of my studio and what I consider some of my better ideas for organizing my space and for making it useful.

Where I've numbered "1" in the picture you'll see a measuring tape that I've mounted to the edge of the desk. I have these on the front of three tables in the studio. I use them all the time--when I wonder how big something is, I don't have to go looking for my ruler--

At number "2" is a drying rack made from those metal cube things that you can buy at Target and Walmart. I got some on sale, and then instead of making as many cubes as I could, I took some of the extra panels and made shelves. I zip-tied the shelves to the cube, and I mostly use the shelves to let a painting sit flat and dry, although--

At number "3" you can see where I've done the same thing with the cubes, but used the shelves to hold plastic drawers. I got these great 12 by 12 drawer contraptions--loved the drawers, but hated the plastic container that the shelves slid into. The whole thing was shaky and hard to shut or open a drawer if it was full. This setup makes it easy to open and shut the drawers, and if they're a little overfull, that's okay...

Number "4" is my rolling paint storage unit, which I've had since I actually was doing "Art in the Garage"! More on that in a minute--

Number "5" is one of the filing cabinets that my table tops rest on--all the cabinets are thrift store finds--I just spray painted them all black. All the desk tops are old doors, also painted black. The drawer right where the "5" is holds all my unmounted stamps (I'll show you how they're organized another day).

Number "6" is a power strip that I finally velcroed to the table after having it slide around on the floor or fall off the table--it doesn't move and I don't have to get on my hands and knees to use it.

 My rolling paint storage is awesome, and this year I added a grid to the top basket to hold my small bottles of paint so they don't fall over--again, I used zip-ties and those grids from the cube sets. Quite some time ago I had this same contraption hanging on the wall, which worked great--until I wanted to paint at a different table.
So there you are--a little corner of my studio, and some of my ways to organize my tools and supplies so that they are easily accessible and organized!


Vicki Holdwick said...

Hi Karen,

You are way more organized than I am. Are you "in school" already for the year? One of my grandgirls started today and the other two start next week.

Thanks for stopping by


Nora MacPhail said...

Awesome! My studio is always a wreck! Stuff everywhere. Thanks for the tips. I use my ruler all the time but a tape measure on the end of the table is genius!

Rita said...

OMG!! I absolutely love your ideas for using the wire cube shelving!!! Brilliant! Just brilliant, Lady!!! Whoohoo! I will have to show this to Leah. She and I are both duly impressed by cool storage and organizing ideas. This is just awesome.

When I saw the tape measure attached to the edge of the table it reminded me of when you go to buy fabric at the store. I always have one of the large cutting mats out on the craft table and it is gridded and marked--readily available for measuring.

Anyways, I have to go back and look some more and re-read. Thanks for posting this!!! :):):)

Faye said...

You are so very organized. I am so impressed. Thanks for sharing all the wonderful tips.

Lynn Cohen said...

I am impressed!!!!!

Lynn Cohen said...

PS I think you could publish this in the Sommerset Studio magazine! I think it's unique as often they publish these out of sight expensive studios that you have to be super rich to have; I like that you got your equipment at thrift stores and/or on sale and made up different ways of using things. Try it I bet you get in.

Paula Miller said...

Wow you sure are organized! Great ideas :)

Thanks for stopping by and saying hello!!


Christine said...

love your paint basket and organization in general, great job Karen!

What Remains Now said...

I love the rolling paint basket. I have my paints on lazy susans, but I'm outgrowing that system. The paint baskets look perfect.

Jan Bush-Wood said...

Love your rolling cart. I want one. Where did you get it?