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Saturday, August 11, 2012

It's "Spa Day" Around Here...

I have been so blessed. My two girls are such good friends--even with a five-year gap in their ages, they are very close and have piles of fun together. At seventeen and twelve, they are just good friends, as well as sisters.

School starts on Monday for both of them, so they named today "Spa Day". They went to the store weeks ago and bought some mask concoctions for doing facials. They tied their hair back with kitchen towels, whitened their teeth with the stuff I got at the dollar store--it was quite amusing listening to them have a complete conversation with those mouth trays in.  After the masks were on, they got out the box of nail polishes and painted each other's toenails. I think they're doing their own fingernails right now...

I took a picture of the two of them in all their glory, which I won't post here.  It'll be a good photo to look at years from now, the two of them sitting next to each other on the couch, feet propped up with those spongy things holding their toes apart and their faces all covered in mask, smiling even with those things in their mouthes. Next year Katie will be gone away to college and Jenny will really miss her.

I will, too.

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Rita said...

That is marvelous that they are such good friends!! Not all sisters are, that's for sure. That picture will be such a delight for them to see years from now. Priceless!! :)