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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Such a Fun Week

Well, my long-awaited visit from my college roommate, Kelly, and her daughter, Josie, is over.

We had so much fun! Kelly and I talked and laughed, and Josie played with Katie and Jenny--we had an entire Barbie universe set up in the family room! Josie loved the pool, so we were swimming three or more times every day--

And the girls danced, and made "secrets" every night (cookies:)-- Josie would come downstairs and tell us, " if you want to go in the kitchen, you can't, because we are making a secret, and you cannot know about the secret." the first night, Kelly told her, "don't spill the beans," and Josie looked so offended and said, "I NEVER spill the beans."

More Josie stories and pictures to come...

1 comment:

Lynn said...

What a cute little girl and so smart! And trustworthy (one who does not spill beans!) LOL
Glad you had such a fun time.