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Thursday, July 05, 2012

One of a Set

This is the back of one of a set of very cool garden chairs that belonged to Richard's mom and dad. They finally, really need to be repainted, so I'm carefully stripping and sanding them (there's also a loveseat that swings). I'm guessing this is their second paint job, the original color being this lovely blue green. I can imagine Mr. Smithey stripping it and repainting them white--how long ago? I wonder...


Rita said...

So what color are you going to paint them when they are all stripped and sanded?

I can remember finding about four layers of different colored paint on an old wooden kitchen stool I found in the dirt basement of a farmhouse I lived in over in Wisconsin once. Feels like going back in time, doesn't it? :)

Daniele Valois said...

THis is lovely as are all your posts. wonderful blog here! and thank you so much for your kind words last week. So thoughtful! :D