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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

A Story About Kelly

Kelly was the very first person I met at Michigan State. My parents had left me at the dorms, my (original) roommate had not yet arrived, and it was dinnertime. There was one door on our dorm hall that was partially open--there were two girls inside, one at the desk, writing, and the other sitting on her bed with a stuffed Garfield, listening to music. I said, "Would either of you like to go over to dinner?"

The girl at the desk said no. The girl on the bed said, "Sure!"

And there you go. Off we went to the dining hall, to feast on Polynesian Pork and soft serve ice cream.

It's been thirty-one years this September, and she's still one of my very most favorite people.


We were sitting out by the pool one afternoon when the Fed Ex guy showed up at the gate. I went down to
get the box and was puzzled to see that it was from Kelly to me. But, before I tell you what was in the box, a little bit of back story--

When Josie got interested in Barbies, Kelly set out on a quest to find some Barbies that looked a little bit more like Josie, at least as far as the coloring goes. One of Kelly's friends gave Kelly all her old Barbies for Josie to play with, including the 1962 Barbie that came with wigs.

My cousins (who were older than me) had one of those, and my sister and were allowed to play with it when we went to visit. So, naturally, I have always LUSTED after a Barbie with wigs. (You can see where this is going, right?)

Yes, Kelly had bought me a present on Ebay! A 1962 Barbie. WITH WIGS. You can see me celebrating with Josie and Katie (and Barbie) above...


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Lynn said...

Karen, who is Josie related to?
What a wonderful story. I love it all.
Great memories.
I love your short hair cut too!