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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Another Drawing

Again, stabilo pencil and water.

What I find is that for every ten or so i draw there's one I really like. That's one of the things I've struggled with since I started drawing and painting. I need to remember that not every piece is going to give me an 'aha!' moment.

I've also been thinking a lot about what it is thar makes me like a drawing. It's not always because it's perfect or realistic. I did a wonky sketch of Katie the other day that I love--

I've been using faces in an old Vogue magazine as my inspiration. Lots of outlandish makeup and poses.


Rita said...

I haven't tried faces for decades...or animals. I was so bad at it. They say if you keep working at it you will get better, but I didn't notice any improvement after hundreds of magazine faces went in the trash. You are doing so well! Make me want to try again one day. Have fun! :):)

Cheryl Apple said...

Faces are my favorite thing to draw. I think yours are looking great. I haven't tried stabilo pencil and water, but that's a wonderful idea. Is there a way to seal the drawing when you're done? I just bought some water soluble graphite pencils, but have yet to try them, and I'd like to get some liquid graphite, which I think is erasable just like regular graphite. There's also the option of working with just black fluid acrylic, or black watercolor. So many things to try!