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Monday, March 19, 2012

New Cupboards in the Studio

My friend Karen is remodeling her kitchen and laundry room. These are the cupboards she had in the laundry room, which she kindly donated to my studio!

I had to empty two shelving units and a large filing cabinet, so I've got lots of sorting and purging to do, but I love how these look--bright, sleek, clean--


Rita said...

OMG! That is awesome! Total remodel for the room now! As an OCD organizing addict, this sounds like heaven! :):)

Lynn said...

Oh yes, very cool. Love all the drawers and shelves these offer and hidden too. I like the neat look. Do not happen to have that here, but do like it. Maybe I could get rid of my washer and dryer and put in cupboards and drawers instead! Enjoy yours while I dream on............

Oh and the painting of the houses on the wall is great too!