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Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Another Cool Thing: Evernote

I know that everyone's all excited about Pinterest--me, too. I love the fact that it's all visual, truly, like the pin-board I had in my room when I was growing up--if I saw a picture I liked, I pinned it up! (I had the Seventeen magazine cover with the red-haired girl with the freckles up for years...) And Pinterest is even better, because I can go look at everyone else's pin-boards! Terrific. I just have to get in the habit of 'pinning.'

But this other thing, Evernote, is very, very useful. You know how when you're cruising along on the web, and you find written directions for how to do something? Or a recipe? Or a wonderful piece of writing? Up till now, I've bookmarked websites I thought I might want to go back to and then ended up with piles of bookmarks which I don't ever revisit--or if I do go back, I can't find the exact thing I liked in the first place.

Evernote allows you to highlight a section of a webpage (or the entire page, if you want) and saves it as a PDF file. And--you can install Evernote on your laptop and your family computer and your smartphone and Evernote makes all your 'notes' available on each one! You can separate your notes into different notebooks--I have one for recipes, one for web design/programming, one for poetry, and one that's just general information. I can print something out, but I don't have to--it's saved in my notebook.

AND--Evernote can also save audio and pictures you take and put them in your notebooks.

Amazing. Wouldn't this have been great to have in high school and college?

Evernote. Their website says:

"Remember everything. Capture anything. Access anywhere. Find things fast."

I love it.


Rita said...

My daughter-in-law set me up with Evernote, but I haven't gone and figured out how to use it yet. She loves it! I know one thing she does is she has ongoing shopping lists for various stores so that if she stops in she has a list at her fingertips on her phone...but she keeps track of the lists on her laptop. I guess I need to figure this out. She said I can give her access to mine, so that when she's shopping she can look and see if there's something I have on my list that she can pick up for me. I don't understand it all, but I think I should learn. ;)

Lynn said...

Yes, this new technology blows my mind continually. I read that pininterest can steal your art though so I am not going to load mine on it. even though I started it. don't know if Evernote can do the same.

Vee said...

I have been using Evernote for several years now and I love it! It has improved so much since it first came out and it just makes me love it more.

Lynn, Evernote is nothing like pinterest in the sharing for everyone to see. It's more like a digital personal notebook.