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Monday, November 14, 2011

Did this piece for the "Twenty Minute Challenge"--you can find it here.

Love love love working like this--no time to think or agonize or get it perfect--my handy dandy hairdryer was awfully, well, handy, for drying the paint. I left time at the end for colored pencils, charcoal, and a white Sharpie Poster Paint marker.

The whole concept of perfection really bugs me. We emphasize it so much in the schools, especially in regard to art and writing. Don't get me wrong, public writing needs to be perfect, and you want to be happy with your art before you send it out into the world--but in emphasizing perfection throughout the entire writing and painting process, we create children who think they can't write and can't paint/draw/create art.

In the beginning stages, all creation is about experimentation and expression. Finetuning and chasing that elusive beast, perfection, comes much later.

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dthaase said...

this is a very beautiful piece - well done