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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Catch Up on the Big Draw...

As usual, things have been hectic around here... Sometimes I wonder what I did with all that time before I had kids.

Joel's football team is currently ranked number 5 in Central California (all divisions of schools) by the Fresno Bee! The boys are having a great season and have knocked off a couple of teams who have traditionally been bigger, stronger, and more athletic than the Porterville teams...It's very exciting.

Katie's choir just had their first concert--wonderful wonderful! Tennis has just ended for her, so she's very sad as she absolutely loves all the girls on the team, but basketball starts in a couple of weeks, which should perk her up considerably.

and of course, I've been ripping up carpet, laying laminate flooring, painting, and cutting new baseboard moldings.  That's been a huge job, more hard physical labor than I could have imagined, but soooo worth it! With three dogs, three kids, and three adults in and out of the house all day long, laminate is a much better choice for us than carpet.

Here are some of the pages from my sketchbook during the past week or so. I'll try to scan more and get them up soon.

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