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Saturday, April 17, 2010

A New Book & Some Drawing

Saw this book a while back at a Borders, but didn't get it then, and
of course was sorry later.

It's not that I want to 'draw fantasy' (although in my mind that's
what all drawing/painting is--fantasy), but that something about this
book really made me want to pick up my sketchbook.

I've been wondering why, and I think it's precisely because this isn't
a 'how to draw a horse' kind of book--rather it's a 'how to draw a
horse that has claws like a lobster and branches for a mane'--in other
words, it forces me out of the box.

Of course that's a good thing--that box can get awfully comfy, and if
I'm not forced out of it, I might never leave...

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