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Friday, January 15, 2010

Illustration Friday: Wilderness

She ran and ran...


dustincovan said...

i like it, great colors

Lynn said...

You are getting wilder...I like the scenery...size of this one. Colors too. Happy Saturday!

dthaase said...

what a fantastic style - love it

Anonymous said...

It is awful!!!

What the Hell is wrong with you? Darling, Your color scheme is vile, your character drawing is ridiculously childish and your use of the material is astonishingly poor.

Listen to the words of someone who KNOWS ART! I have been an artist for forty years. I have had my work published is books and magazines around the world. If you showed to anyone other than a friend you would be laughed at. Your time would be better spent researching art technique than actual experimentation.

I don't know who is posting these praise comments, but they are not by serious artists.

Listen to me... you are awful. It would be a great travesty to delude you otherwise.

Shellie Bloodworth