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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Never A Dull Moment

A few months ago, I lost an old filling and broke off the back part of the tooth. I've been avoiding going to the dentist for several years now, ever since a horrible experience getting my teeth cleaned. Friday, the broken tooth started to really hurt, badly enough that I called the dentist. I tried a new dentist on the recommendation of a friend--a dentist who used happy gas for adults and specializes in fearful patients.

They got me right in, which is, all by itself, a reason to continue going to this dentist--I was hoping he would just pull the tooth, but when he checked my blood pressure it was very high, especially considering that I'm on high blood pressure medication. He gave me a very stern lecture, and then did a root canal.

So I'm taking vicodin (only one in the past twenty four hours, though) and going back in on Tuesday to have the root canal finished.

He copied the blood pressure tape and told me to give it to my doctor when I go in first thing Monday morning (which he made me promise I'll do).

To be honest, I had no idea that high blood pressure was such a big deal. I've had 'borderline' high blood pressure since I was a freshman in high school, and only started taking medication for it a year or so ago. It was just something in the background of my life, and now I feel stupid not to have realized that high blood pressure can lead to strokes and kidney problems...

I've got some background papers I'm working on, using tissue and deli paper, and a couple of new paintings. I'm going to prep a bunch of canvases tonight or tomoorow, which will mean I have no excuses...


Ascender Rises Above said...

oh, dentists, shudder. you don't want to pull it though; just more troubles down the line.

Lynn said...

I'm glad your dentist told you to see your doctor about the hypertension. So important. Please please take good care of yourself.
It might mean you were scared and it went up, (white coat syndrome) or it's really too high. Which ever the doc will decide and maybe your meds need adjusting. Do what you have to do and stay well.