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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Creating Your Own Stamps--Version One

Lynn mentioned the crow stamp in yesterday's collage, so I thought I'd detail for you just how that particular stamp was created.

I began by resizing an image of a crow in Photoshop. I created the silhouette, resized it, and printed it out. Then I took a sheet of sticky foam (you can buy this very inexpensively at WalMart or Michael's). I traced the image onto the back of the sheet with carbon paper, cut it out, and then stuck it to a chunk of kneeling foam (I bought this particular piece in the dollar aisle at Target). Voila! A custom foam stamp!

Of course, you could also carve the image, but this technique is much quicker and perfect for images which don't have a great deal of detail in them.


Olivia said...

This is nice, Karen! xo, O

Anonymous said...

So simple! Thank you. Oh the fun to be had.

Kate said...

Great idea Karen, I think
I need to make some of these.


Paula said...

Oh, I could get so many miles out of a stamp like this.

Thanks for jogging my head.