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Monday, April 27, 2009

Boo Hoo (Sniffle, Sniffle)

Oh, it's been a wild and crazy couple of weeks around here. First of all, Katie had a full week of the musical, with dress rehearsals for three nights running and then three nights of performances--The play was great--I'll post a little clip of one of Katie's solos when I get the chance.

the next week, Joel had his baseball bag stolen out of his baseball locker in the field house at the high school. Bag: gone. New glove Joel bought last year: gone. Cleats: gone. Even (ick!) yucky stuff like personal protective gear: gone. Depressing.

This week was Katie's big Desert Field Trip. This is the culmination of a two year competition in science--the top twelve science students get to spend a week in the desert at a science research station. Joel didn't want me to go as a chaperone when he went two years ago, but Katie said it was okay with her--YAY! I was all lined up to be one of three drivers/chaperones for the week.

Fast forward to Sunday morning. I'm out in the studio, finishing up the journals I made for the kids and chaperones. Katie tells me she's going to clean out the car, and comes back crying.

Someone's broken into the car overnight, shattering one of the back windows, and taken my purse and Katie's backpack.

My purse: gone. My $180 I had in my purse for the trip: gone. My DRIVER'S LICENSE: gone. My debit card: gone. My checkbook: gone.

Result? I'm at home, and Katie's gone on her trip. Can't have a driver without a driver's license... (I was still welcome to go on the trip, the teacher assured me, though I'm not sure where they'd have squeezed me in).

Boo hoo.

Have to say that I just don't get it--the whole stealing thing, I mean. And okay, you want/need the money--but could you leave my driver's license and debit card? And Katie's homework that was in her backpack? Or maybe even just toss them out somewhere where maybe we could find them?

Then again, maybe they weren't worried about helping us. Duh.


Olivia said...

I am so sorry, Karen. It all just stinks! I don't think they were thinking period. Just probably trying to get money for a fix or something. I feel very badly for you, and especially for your kids. I hope that Joel is able to get outfitted again soon and that Katie and you both have a good week after all. It does seem a huge hunk of crime all of a sudden, doesn't it? I didn't think you lived in an urban metropolitan area, right? Well, my thoughts are with you. Peace and rest, and years of crime-free existence to make up for this crime spree, O

Anonymous said...

Oh, Karen, I'm so sad to hear this! There's nothing more violating than having your personal property stolen or vandalized. And to have someone sneaking around your property when you don't know they're there ... omg. Words can't even express it. The worst? (other than missing the trip) is to take a child's backpack. What could they possibly have thought to find in it!!!???

Chin up. Things will get better soon. I'm so glad you did your gifting of the journals, though. The kids will love them : )


Lynn said...

What a major bummer! What bad luck cloud was hanging over you guys? I am so sorry! Wow. Darn. Drats. I really want to be swearing here but I know it wouldn't look nice on your blog. So just imagine me stomping my feet and cursing loudly. I hope they catch these crooks who took your and your kids stuff. Is this what we have to look forward to in this down turned economy? Scary!
Again, my condolences for these losses!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

kikipotamus said...

Grrr, theft feels so violating. I am really sorry this happened.