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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

A Little Bit of Serendipity

This girl has been hanging around the studio for ages, waiting because she was, well, unfinished. Yesterday I picked her up and looked long and hard at her. Here's the thought process:

"She's running--no, walking--away from something. A house? No, a tower--she's leaving a tower behind--like Rapunzel! She's leaving a tower, a stronghold, behind, and striking out on her own."

I paint the tower in and sign my name on the front of the piece (another breakthrough). Later, I am looking for words/story for another piece, browsing through a stack of enlarged poetry pages, and this WHOLE PHRASE jumps out at me from one of Wallace Stevens' poems:

I can build towers of my own.

Wow. The universe speaks.

Has this kind of thing happened to you? Leave a link below to a blog entry where you tell about it, so we can all share our tales of serendipity...


Olivia said...

No, it hasn't happened to me like this. However, I LOVE how it happened and how the face tells so much, then the tower came, and lastly the words. Truly beautiful! Amazed, O

AscenderRisesAbove said...

She appears very sad to me; like she is wanting to leave; rethinking choices. hmmmm... amazing how art does this. Usually I get the story of the piece and the name while working on it; years later I come back upon it and marvel at the connection I made.

Lynn said...

so good to see more of your art work Karen.
Love the story of serendipity.
Lovely looking woman and collage.


Serendipity story - not this a.m. but your quote about "You can build your own tower" I like a lot:)

The painting is enchanting - her soulful expression yearns for more in life than she's found so far. She needs to take a page out of your "book" and go for it!!:)

vintage moon studio said...

Just perfect ~ I love it when that stuff happens!!! Wonderful piece. Happy Valentine's Day! Deb

Leah said...

Yes, things like that happen to me all the time!

One time I was painting a beetle, in the same day I read a story about synchronicity and a beetle and found a huge beetle in my bathroom (huge!)

And I've got a Rapunzel painting (told in my own way too!)