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Friday, February 06, 2009

Flat Tires and Lessons Learned...

Flat tire this morning, so I'm grounded for the day, which is actually kind of nice. The girls HAD to catch the bus, etc. Only bummer is that I won't be able to go and see Katie's school basketball game this afternoon, but since it's been rainy and they play their games outside (no gyms), that may not matter as the game may be cancelled.

Spent this week getting paintings ready to take over to the gallery, which is staying open after all--I had to think long and hard about it, but decided I could be a grownup and communicate my concerns to the gallery owner, and if she were agreeable, then I'd continue to show my paintings there.

I told the owner that if purchasers didn't want to share their name and address with me, then no sale--and she gave me names and addresses of people who'd purchased my paintings. I'm working on a database/catalog of where all my paintings have gone in the last two years--what a chore--reminder to all of you out there, don't let stuff like this slide. The gallery owner paid me for the two paintings that sold last week, and acknowledged that she owed me for paintings she sold last fall. So I feel good about being resolute and asking for what I wanted without apology. (It may have also helped that she sold seven paintings in January and all of them were mine).

Was listening to Norah Jones, but she's finished and I'm just enjoying the sound of the rain thundering down on the roof--which brings me to another lesson learned--don't wear SLIPPERS down to the studio when it's supposed to rain, as it's a long wet sloggy walk back up the hill to the house...May your slippers be dry, and the rain beat a happy tune on your roof--I'm working on a new idea, off to paint.


Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

Congrats on selling more paintings. So happy about you getting your names and addresses of the buyers and hopefully you will get your money from the sales in the Fall. You are selling so she should treat you well.
Love that photo of your son.. He is intense which makes him a good player I bet.. That is like my Border Collie, Annie. She will NOT take her eye off her ball if you are throwing it and she catches it every time with a high jump. :))

Dawn said...

If we don't speak up for ourselves, who will? And we have just as much right to being treated the way we want to be treated as anyone else! Well done! And it seems to have really paid off! You should join us Subversive stitchers at my blog! We have to all stick together. Right now so many things from censorship to consumer law changes that impact artisans and guest bloggers -- sounds like you can relate!

Dawn at Subversivestitch at blogspot

Anonymous said...

It's really true that we teach others how to treat us. Good for you for speaking up. I am not sure I could have done it in your place, which is why I'm such a cut and run person. But I want to learn how, I really do.