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Friday, January 23, 2009

What Else?

I have been working out in the studio recently. I've just noticed that the computer can suck me into surfing the internet instead of working, so I'm trying to paint, as opposed to blogging. Eventually I'll find a happy balance.

Joel took an elbow to the mouth in his basketball game last Friday, so we spent the evening in the ER waiting for the doctor to stitch up the HOLE in Joel's upper lip. Yes, HOLE. When the doctor cleaned it out, the fluid went into Joel's mouth even though his lips were closed. YUCK.

He didn't miss a game or a practice; in fact, he came back into the game after the incident, with a huge piece of gauze held over the cut with athletic tape (that was all they had in the first aid box). He scored two baskets and had an assist for the winning basket, all after he got injured. What a guy.

Everyone else is healthy and happy here.



These are stunning - both of them. The red haired one feels most magnetic to me this a.m.

Lynn said...

Karen, you are growing as an artist. I do not exactly know what is different in these may be that they look softer, more flowing, less stiff. I of course love them all but these have a definite different FEEL to them. So good!

So sorry about your son's injury. OUCH!!! Hope this heals well and soon.

And I hear you about finding the balance between creating and blogging. I too see that while I sit HERE I am NOT over THERE creating. Although I did just put my latest work into a shadow box to take to the art gallery tomorrow for a show!!! So I HAVE been doing BOTH! ;-)

Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

I too am drawn to the red haired girl. Sorry to hear about your Son but hey what a come back.:)

Anonymous said...

Wow, love the paintings.

I have that same struggle of balance. The computer is a place I find such inspiration, but at the same time, my precious life seems to slip away. Painting is the good choice.