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Saturday, January 24, 2009

Basketball Saturdays

Both girls are playing NJB basketball this year--Jenny for the first time and Katie for the last. They play at 11:30 and 12:40, respectively, at two different gyms down in town, so a good part of Saturdays are spent on basketball. Richard coaches Katie's team and is assistant coach on Jen's team, so he's a busy guy. All Joel and I have to do is go and watch, which is fine with me!

I have such mixed feelings about organized sports--I wish that kids could just go out, round up a group, and play on their own, but that's not the way our society is set up these days. I know this is a cliche, but so many parents take this sport thing WAY TOO SERIOUSLY--it makes me very sad for the kids. You can see it in their bodies; the set of their shoulders, the hang of their head, when Mom or Dad is screaming up in the stands, obviously dissatisfied with their child's performance--as though a kid plays badly on purpose!

Gotta head down to town--just wanted to throw this out for discussion--

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Lynn said...

I agree with you. What are the kids learning? Are they really having fun?
My little grand kids age four are starting soccer. Is it too soon? Is it bad for their heads to bounce the ball on their unfinished growing craniums? Will they become too aggressive? Frightened? Turned off or on to organized sports?
I liked my childhood with no organized anything. We got on our bikes and rode all day to our hearts content...or we walked many blocks to the movies or the corner where our "forts" were...we used make believe a lot. Our parents whistled for us to come in at dinner time...we were within earshot. It was safe. We had real childhoods in the 1950's.