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Tuesday, October 14, 2008


what a busy weekend! It seemed like I was hardly home at all--Katie had a volleyball tourney during the day Friday (they won two out of three), then Joel had football Friday night (comeback win, Joel caught passes for two two-point-conversions in the fourth quarter), then Saturday was the annual 8th grade yard sale up at the school, then Sunday the girls had a piano recital (and decided at 10 a.m. that they had nothing to wear).

I did lots of sketching on little scraps of paper. I'll try and dig through my purse later and scan some of them.


Elizabeth said...

Sounds almost a replica of my week, minus doing some drawing! ;-) "Kids" eh?!
Love seeing your faces and women, and the inside of your VERY tidy studio..... sigh....

Lynn said...

Busy lady...keeping up with kids takes lots of energy. Way to go MoM. Way to go KIDS!!!