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Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Some Winged Flygirls

Here they are. I made the wings transparent/translucent, as someone suggested, and think it worked out very well. Thanks to all you who put in your two cents worth!


Carmen said...

Looks great!!!

BelleEnchanted said...

I really love your Flygirls series! They are just gorgeous, and those faces - I really really like your faces.

differenceayearmakes said...

I love the flygirls. You do such great faces.

Have you thought of a touch of interference in the wings - nothing flashy, just a glimmer that almost think you didn't see?

And that is a heck of a lot of prep work!

Kai said...

Flygirls!! OMgosh, those
peace, Kai

soulbrush said...

the eyes -it's all in the eyes...and these eyes say it all.

Cindy said...