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Monday, September 15, 2008

That's You, Mom!

Funny story about this girl--I'd brought seven new pieces into the house on Saturday night--spread them out on the pool table and asked Joel and his friend what they thought--Joel pointed to this one and said, "That one's you."

Fast forward to Sunday night. Katie'd spent the whole weekend at a friend's house--came home, looked at the paintings, said, "Oh, these are all new! And hey, that one's you, Mom!"

I'm not sure that I see it, but obviously something's there...


Anonymous said...

Well, the piece is GORGEOUS! So I would be happy with it!

Lynn said...

How sweet that your kids see you in your art. Must be the eyes and expression maybe? Hummmm.
Beautiful painting/ we get to see the other new ones too?

Mary S Hunt said...

i don't know where the picture of you went from your blog
i remember it and the children have ya nailed
what is funny
when i was looking here last night at the previous piece the lady holding the house
and i glanced down to the previous post from that... of your daughter..
i thought the piece you did was modeled from the daughter with the ball before she knocks into the playing area....
i was too tired to type all that out then
but thought i would pass it along now
especialy since it is becoming a family affair