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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

More Sketches

So, what's the difference between a year ago, and today, as far as drawing goes? Here's what I think:

1) I'm playing while I'm drawing--It's just a drawing, after all--it's supposed to be fun (and isn't everything, really?).

2) I have, to a certain extent, silenced the critical voice in my head. Well, I still hear the critic's voice, but I try to keep it down to a buzz rather than a roar.

3) Danny Gregory's books--He made me realize that drawing is as much about seeing as anything. To see takes time.

4) I'm relaxed, not so attached to outcome (see my reposted post a couple of weeks ago, to hear all about my epiphany).


Lynn said...

Oh nice that you are playing with your drawing and are more relaxed.
I like these block headed women.
LOL More room for their brains. They look brainy to me. Smart women! Like us! ;-)

kikipotamus said...

Yay. These are all such great growth steps. I love how much freer you've become. You're having more fun doing it and we're having more fun seeing it! It's just more fun. I need to take a big lesson about silencing the critic voice. I'm way too risk averse; life's too short for so much fear. Ack.

differenceayearmakes said...

Sometimes it's all about growth and overcoming our fears/critics. Way to go! Keep the drawings coming!

Olivia said...

To see takes time. I've been thinking about that today. What growth in a year! Joy, O