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Monday, September 22, 2008

Golden Open Acrylics

I ordered three tubes of Golden Paint's new "Open Acrylics" (They allow more time for blending, not getting tacky as quickly as normal acrylics) in my last order from Dick Blick--tried them yesterday--OMG, I am in love. This may revolutionize my painting technique.

Or not. But the paints work great...

Examples coming soon!


Mary S Hunt said...

i LOVE golden products...your paintings too

Lynn said...

lOoking foward to what you make with these wonderous paints Karen.

Paula said...

I live and die by my bottle of glaze. I've been looking at those open acrylics and they dry glossy? I like a more matte finish. I'm a huge Golden user.

Love your portraits, btw.

I've been taking the Suzi Blu online class. I really needed a little handholding to get the faces to NOT look like aliens. I think I'm getting there. Your ladies are so expressive. I feel like I know them all personally.