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Friday, August 22, 2008

Playing with Photoshop

Thinking about a series of these, to mount on boards and put on the wall as a group...?


Maddy said...

Oh you and your photoshop! I need to update my list of 'things to consider buying.'

But yes, that does sound like a brill idea [brill is short for brilliant of course]


Lynn said...

I think Michael's or Joanne's had some small square canvases on sale that could be grouped nicely for the likes of this attractive piece.

Lynn said...

PS. I like the new look over all here now very much. I should have kept my mouth shut and waited patiently until you were done! ;-)

PSS: I want to make a collage of papers I brought home from sons wedding. What do I put on top? the same white stuff I bought for acrylics? A gel?

Anonymous said...

So cool! Love the colors a lot. They must be favorites as you go back to them a lot. Mine, too. Great big shapes and texture with the text.

Can't wait to see the whole series!