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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Experimenting Last Night

Oh my, that sounds much more exciting than it actually was, since I was experimenting with sketching; here are the results.


Kim H. said...

Oh My heavens these are gorgeous mermaids! You talent blows me away! Have a great day!

Lynn said...

My soon to be 4 yr old grand daughter draws women now and they have long hair that flows and curls up at the ends like yours. I can see her becoming the artist you are! Did you start drawing that young?

Karen said...

Kim--how could I NOT have a great day after reading your comment!?!

Lynn--you crack me up. I started drawing people last September. I avoided drawing people the entire rest of my life. When I was little I drew horses and giraffes. Lots of horses and giraffes. Until someone implied I wasn't very good at drawing.