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Monday, May 12, 2008

On the Verge of Something

Took Katie and one of her friends shopping at the mall (45 minutes away) on Saturday. While they were shopping at the mall, I hung out at Borders and Michaels and at this WONDERFUL Thrift Store where I scored big time... But I digress.

I ate a Panda Express while I read one of the new books I'd just purchased, but didn't have time to eat my fortune cookie. All the way home, I felt pumped up, like I was on the verge of something new and exciting and (?) big. Before bed, I ate a little bit of my leftovers and cracked open my fortune cookie--And, lo and behold, the fortune cookie agrees that I'm about to start something new and exciting! There's nothing like having a fortune cookie echo your own instincts!

The thrift store is one I've never been to before, and I pulled in completely on impulse--They had all their books marked at a quarter (can you believe it???), so I ended up with 33 books, including a wonderful set of children's books from the 50's, two books published in 1914, a journal of an African safari that was published in 1924, two music books and a poetry book written in Portuguese, and a whole set of instructional books about re-upholstering furniture! All for $8.25--love it, love it, love it!

We also had some excitement last week, as Richard found out he will be the new principal at one of the high schools in town. It'll save him 60 minutes in the car every day, plus 80 gallons of gas a month, and it's a wonderful school with a great staff. We're all excited--it will 'officially' be announced today, when he attends the teachers' meeting at the school. Of course, since this is a relatively small town, the fact that it has not been officially announced means that everyone knows all about it.

Very exciting week last week!


Lynn said...

Bravo for DH, Richard's new position...great time to be saving money too.

Good buys at the book/thrift stores. How many of them will make it into art collages I wonder?

Anonymous said...

Congrats on your husband's new job - a shorter commute is a blessing.

And what a cool deal on books! Will you take them apart for collages - ack!

tammy vitale said...

Good news everywhere!'s like getting a raise being closer to home! (I know, Husband drives 1.5 hours each way - and that's against traffic!). I want that thrift store near me. We no longer have places that inexpensive to buy used books.=[ lucky lucky you!