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Friday, May 02, 2008

Busy Day

Busy day today--I went down to Home Depot first thing this morning to buy wood and paint for the frames--If anyone's interested, I'll write about how I frame canvases tomorrow. Then I worked in the studio, not painting, but updating my website here--still not done with that. Then I went and taught art at school for Jenny's class (second grade). Fun, but exhausting. Some second graders (boys) can't use scissors. Then back home to work on website more. I'm heading back up to the house right now for the evening.

Whew. It made me tired just writing about it!


hiddenart said...

I'd appreciate hearing how you frame canvases. I haven't been bold enough to try it myself.

Lynn said...

Yes, a busy day indeed.
Love the idea of the second graders doing art with you. You'd think the fingers that click on game boys could equally use scissors. ?
Good for you for doing this.