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Monday, April 07, 2008

You Asked

Well, you did! Several of you asked how Katie's big birthday bash went!

It was great. Our house is really perfect for parties, since there are three levels, two big patios, and 2 1/2 acres to play on. The kids ran around outside, climbing trees and sitting on the rocks, playing wiffle ball and football. They listened to music from Joel's Ipod, which he graciously lent for the occasion, and ate NINE pizzas, drank liters and liters of soda, and inhaled birthday cake. They watched I Am Legend (with a break in the middle to go play outside some more), and sat around a fire in the fireplace on the back porch. Good old Richard kept an eye on the two boys who appeared to have pyromaniacal tendencies (is that even a word?).

It was dark by the time parents started to arrive to pick up their sons and daughters, and all the kids were returned home safe and sound. Katie said it was a great party.

Amazing that I made it through five hours with eighteen 13-yr-olds, two 15-yr-olds, and two 8-yr-olds. Whew!


Maybelline Jones said...

Sounds awesome. I would have loved to have a birthday party like that!

Lynn said...

What a fun party for this huge group of kids. I bet they remember it forever, especially Katie. You made her day!
Again you were so brave to put on such a bash and the kids it seemed knew how to make use of the space and there was no need to plan much they just integrated into the space and used it well and had such fun. A little sugar just kept them awake and I bet they all slept well that night.

Again, Happy Birthday Katie! Wow, 13, such a special year.

Akinogal said...

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Maddy said...

You have been productive lately and topped with such a huge party. Well done you.
Best wishes