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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Right Now

I'd like to go down to town and have something yummy for lunch and sit and write in my journal--just sit and doodle and not feel like I need to hurry or go anywhere at all...Does that count as an 'artist date'?


Paula said...

Right now. Turn off your computer, grab your keys and GOOOOOOO !!!!

Oh you lucky dog to be able to even think about doing something so self-absorbing on a weekday !!

I'm still stuck in the day job. Can't support myself on my art yet. Sure hope that happens sooner than later. Website almost done.

How did you wrangle a show???? Got any pointers???

Leah said...

most definitely.

Lynn said...

How fun to have a date with your self and your sketch book. I love it. Go and be happy! Have fun! Enjoy!

tammy vitale said...

absolutely...and it's an artist date for me to visualize that...maybe even take a page from your blog and do the same (well, probably not this week, but it sounds lovely!)