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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Gallery News

Susan Hopkins, the owner of Easelheads Gallery, called this afternoon with some news. She's been chosen to 'curate' the art at Cafe 225, a wonderful restaurant in downtown Visalia--and she wants to hang "at least a dozen" of my girls at the end of May! They'll have a reception and everything--the one for the current (first) hanging is next Wednesday, and she suggested I attend so that I'll know what to expect when it's my turn.

I better get cracking on some paintings...

Question for the day: What should I do with paintings that I'm not sure I like/not sure are finished? Paint over them? Save them for later?



Rebecca said...

Save them for later. You may not like them now, but if you put them out of site for awhile, then come back to them later, you may find that you have changed your mind and do like it, or some small adjustments come to mind that will make it acceptable.

hiddenart said...

Have you had someone else whose opinion you value look at the paintings in question? Perhaps another viewpoint can help you decide.

Sue Doe-Nim said...

I googled it.

It's a 3 hour drive so I can't be there.... we've got to inch you further south!

I suspect that the ones you don't love are perfectly wonderful.

I have no advice.



Lynn said...


I would imagine you already have enough for a SHOW? NO? This is what I have been hoping for you!
Local exposure. Wonderful, bravo.
Have fun with it.
I so excited for you and "the girls".
(Ask me if I like them. Then put them ALL in! tee hee)

tammy vitale said...

Hang them!!!! Some of my best clients come from buying a piece I just stuck out but didn't much care. Someone is looking for "that piece" and when they see it they will be in love. It isn't in your hands any more. GREAT NEWS! This is SO COOL!