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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Crazy Around Here

Baseball games, musical rehearsals, band pictures, board meetings, sick kids, sick mom, and oh, by the way--one of Jenny's friends has LICE.


(that should be echoing, like I'm falling down into a bottomless pit)

We're all getting healthier, Jenny does NOT have lice, I have a doctor's appt for next week, but my friend the nurse says the little funky patch of skin looks like it may be something fungal, so I'm putting Lamisil on it and I think it may be looking better... Yes, you heard me--we don't have lice, but I'm happy I may have fungus...


I quite literally have not touched a paint brush in ages, so today I'll just pick one up and start back in again.

I got an email from a mother of one of the kids' classmates, and she signed her note, not with 'see ya' or 'love' or 'xoxo' but with 'grrrrr'. It may be my new sign-off.


Drama Mama said...

M's school has a lice scourge, too. Miss M had an anxiety attack just THINKING about lice, so I bought her tea tree shampoo and told her that it helps deflect the lice.


I like the Grrrr. I use it alot too.

xo (Just kidding)

Lynn said...

Hope the fungi clears up soon, and that no lice plague your home. Isnt' life just full of surprises.

Maybelline Jones said...

Once I heard a strange patch of skin. My friends thought it was ringworm, but I didn't feel like going to the doctor (of course). A few weeks later, I developed a scratchy red rash on my neck and chest, which began to quickly move down my body. It turned out the funky mark was what they call a herald patch for a rash called pityriasis rosea. When I finally ended up going to the ER, the doctor on call was so excited! Turns out, they don't know what causes this rash (probably a virus) and I had a textbook example. I swear he was two seconds away from cartwheels. So if you start getting itchy and bumpy elsewhere on your body, that's probably your problem.

Good luck!

tammy vitale said...

Once I had head lice when I was in my early 20s and then husband was hanging around with strange people and bringing them home (and apparently letting them use my brush). I had no idea what it was! who every heard! then daughter had a round with them in 2nd grade (and also scabies. Son, not to be outdone in pre K got hoof and mouth disease). So.

Why does Etsy not let one buy without being a member? I can't get in (I should be a member - I actually have stuff in there somewhere)...was trying to buy I am What I Am.....