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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

And the Winner is...(drumroll, please)

Rebecca! I finally got back out to the studio today, made up the slips with names on them, and took them back up to the house. Katie chose one, and Jenny was very sad, so I promised her I'll do another giveaway, soon, so keep your eyes open!

That board meeting really knocked me for a loop. There were 75 or so people there, mostly parents, but teachers, too. I've heard that people felt that it was the 'same old same old,' which is disappointing. Another disappointment was that the board member who asked that we all write out our findings from our interviews with parents and teachers, didn't even bother to write his findings up! I spent all day Wednesday writing mine--probably a good seven hours. Grrr. And the two other board members basically wrote "Everything's great." Grrr again.

But it's over, I did the right thing, did what I could. I'll have to take comfort in that.

While I've been gone from Blogland, Jenny got sick and had a temperature for two days, and KATIE TURNED THIRTEEN! How did that happen, anyway? I swear I just brought her home from the hospital all wrapped in blankets...


kikipotamus said...

OMH, how frustrating to be on the board with such lazy @55ES. Grrr. But what can you do? You did the right thing, you did your best. Indeed, what else can you do?

Lynn said...

You are such a busy mommy-artist-community action person. Happy Birthday Katie. Thirteen is such a big important milestone! For a Jewish Kid like me it meant coming of age in my Jewish community! A big deal. It's also a launching pad for teenhood. Oy. But your kids are all so good I doubt you need to worry about that one.

You are brave to brave the board meetings and keep pushing for the best outcomes there! Don't give up.

I hope you are having fun in your studio!

tammy vitale said...

wait until she turns 30 - that's when it really gets scarey how short the time is between baby blankets (our kids and our grandkids).

Having working at community based organizing for about 20 years before "retiring" to be an artist, I can appreciate your frustration. Working in community is VERY hard, requires tons of hours all for a little movement. But this I've learned: when you do your best, you never know what ripples you start or what shore they will land on. Sometimes you will be given the gift of seeing what changes you have wrought - and it is wonderful. Hang in there. Be happy with your own results.