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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Busy, Busy, Busy!

Today is full to the brim; this time in the studio this morning is the only time I'll have to myself all day. At 12:30 I have to take muffins up to the school for Jenny's class party, then go out to the blacktop at 1 p.m. to watch Katie's school game (last one of the season, going for undefeated! Even cooler, the teacher who coaches the girls' "A" team played basketball for Richard when she was in high school!). After Katie's game, Jen and I will go home, then back to school to pick Katie up a 5 p.m. from play rehearsal--then down to Porterville to watch Joel's team in their last game of the season. It's against one of the other schools in town, so it's a big rivalry and the place will be jam-packed.

I'm having trouble with Blogger uploading my images, so I'll quit for now and paint like mad until I have to go to school...


Lynn said...

This gal depicts your busy life so well balancing on the side of the winding staircase other leg out to no where...but not falling...carrying on...getting it all done one way or athuther.

Cestandrea said...

What a day you had, I hope today you have more time for yourself and that your gang of children :) has had plenty of success!

Karen, this is a sweet picture, I love the girl with her clownlike eyes and her very beautiful dress, she looks happy busy:)

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